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Klein Havens® Grip

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Product Features
Designed for use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor.
Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4'' (6.35 mm) cable area.
Has a swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw.
Approx. Weight Each: 2.08 lbs. (0.9 kg)
Maximum Cable: .50''
Maximum Safe Load - kg: 2268 kg
Maximum Safe Load - lbs: 5000 lbs. (2268 kg)
Minimum Cable: .125''
Before each use, clean jaw area and inspect grip for proper operation to avoid slippage.
When used on/near energized lines, ground, insulate, or isolate grip before pulling.
Do not exceed rated capacity.
Always match proper size and type of grip to application.
Grips are to be used for temporary installation, not for permanent anchorage.