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15' (4.6 m) Glow Rod Set

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Use to install wires above ceilings, through walls and under carpets and raised floors.
Luminescent rods glow in the dark and are rechargeable in most available light sources.
3/16'' diameter Glow Rods provide mid-range flexibility for most fishing applications.
Connect individual sections end-to-end to create a variety of lengths.
Threaded connectors are beveled on both ends to prevent snagging and hang ups on obstructions.
Luminescent Fiberglass


Use approved eye protection when using this product.

Although the fiberglass glow rod itself is non-metallic, its metallic tip and leader are conductive and could be grounded against conduit. DO NOT USE ON OR NEAR LIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS.

Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using glow rod.

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