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25' (7.62 m) Fish Rod and Glow Rod Set

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Product Features
Use to install wires above ceilings, through walls and under carpets and raised floors.
1/4'' (6 mm) diameter Fish Rods are flexible yet provide excellent rigidity for extended distance stand out.
Connect individual sections end-to-end to create a variety of lengths.
Threaded connectors are beveled on both ends to prevent snagging and hang ups on obstructions.
Set contains (1 ea. X 3/16'' [5 mm]) 5' (1.52 m) Glow Rod section to help guide fish rods into dark spaces and (1 ea.) steel bullet nose and (1 ea.) ''J'' hook attachments for attaching wires.
Material: Fiberglass and Luminescent Rods
Maximum Diameter: Fish Tape: 1/4'' (6 mm), Glow Rod: 3/16'' (5 mm)
Weight (lbs.): 2.7
Use approved eye protection when using this product.
Although the fiberglass fish rod itself is non-metallic, its metallic tip and leader are conductive and could be grounded against conduit. DO NOT USE ON OR NEAR LIVE ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS.
Use a safe work position to avoid loss of balance when using fish rod.