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16' (4.88 m) Power-Return Rule - Stand-Out

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This product is no longer in production.
Product Features
Durable, coated blade is 1.06 wide and 10 times stronger than standard coating.
9' (2.74 m) standout.
Vertically printed scale on back side of blade.
Free display with purchase of 12 Stand-Out Power-Return Rules!
16' (4.88 m)
Weight (lbs.):
1.06'' (27 mm)

Always wear approved eye protection.

NOT insulated. Do NOT use on live circuits.

Do NOT open the case. Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury.

Protect hands when cleaning magnetic tip. Use gloves or cloth.

Avoid magnetic contact with sensitive electronic or computer equipment.

To avoid personal injury and damage to this tool, do not allow the tape blade to retract into case at full speed.

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