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65'' (1651 mm) x 1-3/16'' (30 mm) Crowbar - Hexagon

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Product Features
Used for digging holes and breaking clay, rock and concrete.
Forged from tough high-tensile carbon manganese steel.
Ground and sharpened diamond point end for easier digging and breaking concrete.
Long tapered blade for easier digging.
Both ends heat treated for better performance and strength.
Hexagon bar profile for greater control.
Anti-corrosive primer with enamel finish.
Correctly heat treated to best suit product application.
Blade Width: 2'' (51 mm)
Hexagon Diameter: 1-3/16'' (30 mm)
Length: 65'' (1651 mm)
Weight (lbs.): 20.94 lbs (9.5 kg)
Wear safety goggles user and bystander.
Eye protection and gloves must be worn when using this product.