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Conduit Locknut and Reaming Pliers

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Product Features
Tightens 1/2'' (13 mm) and 3/4'' (19 mm) EMT or 1/2'' (13 mm) rigid locknuts.
Fits liquid tight fittings and caps.
Reams and smoothes both inside and outside of conduit.
Knurled jaws at nose tip pull wire or fish tape.
Machined nose fits snugly into locknut wings.
Jaw Width: 15/16'' (24 mm)
Jaw Length: 1-5/8'' (41 mm)
Point Thickness: 3/16'' (5 mm)
Handle Finish: plastic-dipped
Jaw Thickness: 1/2'' (13 mm)
Handle Color: yellow
Overall Length: 7-3/4'' (197 mm)
Weight (lbs.): .55
Always wear approved eye protection.
NOT insulated. Plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are NOT intended for protection against electrical shock.