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VDV Ranger TDR Kit

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Product Features
Test and measure cable with the latest technology.
Time Domain Reflectometry Spread Spectrum (TDR-SS) technology provides superior accuracy up to +/- (1% + 3 ft. /0.91 m) by eliminating interference when measuring cable.
TDR-SS technology broadens TDR environments by operating in Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) rated environments as defined by IEC. (SELV is 60 volts DC or Peak AC -- 45 volts RMS).
Measure cable length up to 3,000 ft. (914 m) including voice, data, video, doorbell, siamese, lamp-wire and NM cables.
Determine if cable run is broken or damaged.
Ensure compliance and identify cable runs outside specification.
The Tone Generator traces and identifies cables. Four tone cadences available. (Requires analog tone probe - VDV526-054 or VDV500-060 -- both sold separately.)
Measure cable remaining in box or on a reel.
Simplify cable estimating and bill jobs more accurately.
Adapter cord set includes BNC to F-connector adapter, F-connector adapter, insulated push-on F-connector to alligator clips, insulated BNC connector to alligator clips and insulated push-on F-Connector to RJ45 modular plug.
Includes custom designed polyester carrying case.
Four AA Alkaline Batteries Included
Battery Life:
15 Hours Active, 4 Years Standby
6-51/64'' (172.6 mm)
3-5/32'' (80.2 mm)
1-19/64'' (32.9 mm)

Read, understand and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.

Always wear approved eye protection.

Do NOT use on energized circuits or cabling systems.

Connecting the instrument to voltages above the Safety Extra Low Voltage range of less than 60V peak AC or DC may pose a safety hazard to the user.

The Ranger TDR internal components are protected up to 400V peak AC or DC. Connecting the instrument to voltages above this range may pose a safety hazard to the user and the instrument.

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